NTU is keen to promote internationalisation of the curriculum and to enhance opportunities for our students to acquire the international perspective needed to succeed in the global community.

Global Week in the curriculum highlights examples of how our academic staff are contributing to the week’s celebration by adding an international element to their modules. Where indicated, some of these modules are open to any NTU and NTIC and Confetti staff and students who would like to hear more about the topics being discussed.

Contributors to Global Week 2018 are:

Dr Roy Smith and Dr Matt Connell – module: Foundations in Global Studies

  • How can I reduce plastics pollution in oceans?

Dr Zuzana Hucki – module: Data Analysis

  • Statistics through global health

Dr Jenni Ramone – courses: English Single Honours BA and the English Joint Honours Humanities and Modern Languages

  • Screening of two films “Pressure” and “Burning an Illusion”

Dr Nikki J.Y. Lee – module: International Cinemas 2

  • Screening of “The Bride Who has Returned from Hell”

Dr Shiva Sivasubramaniam – modules: Professional Skills in Pharmacology, Research Project, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacology, Research and Bioethics

  • Discussions in Science: Scientific integrity in medicine and pharmacology
  • Discussions in Science: Global prospective of antibiotic resistance

Dr Neil Turnbull – module: Philosophy of Religion II – World Philosophy

  • Lecture on the relationship between eastern and western philosophical traditions

Ruth Crawford

  • Contemporary Germany – media policy and politics in Germany, in particular the various initiatives being undertaken locally and federally to combat fake news and disinformaion
  • German Language Two – a discussion in German about business etiquette, cultural rules and expectations, and the dos and don’ts of conducting business in German-speaking areas

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