Get involved

Global Week is a fantastic celebration of the rich cultural diversity at NTU. The event has grown every year and it is our goal to make it even bigger and better in 2018, which is where you, NTU, NTIC and Confetti students and staff, as well as external exhibitors come in.

We are looking for a variety of events and activities to run throughout the week on our City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses. The week will consist of a regional theme per day – Asia and Pacific, Africa, the UK and Europe, The Middle East, and the Americas and the Caribbean. We are looking for anything globally themed, from culture, music, language, sport and food, to global issues, such as environment, migration (including refugee crisis), politics, healthcare… you name it!

The staff and student-led activities and events typically include:

Cultural stalls – these run from 10 am – 3 pm each day in a central location on each campus. These can be either country or culture specific, or run by a society, organisation, or professional services. Depending on the region of the day and the theme of the stall, these can run for a single day to the full week. We would like these to be as interactive as possible, so please think of ways to engage the visitors (either by involving them in a game, a quiz, a challenge… let your imagination fly)!

Performances – want to show off your skills and moves? Put on a performance of drama, dance, music, sport on our “global stage”. These can be themed to the regional day, or run at a lunchtime or afternoon / evening. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we will find a slot for you.

Workshops – teach fellow students and staff a new skill. Whether it is to play drums, pronounce words in a different language, create beautiful arts and crafts, meditate or learn a new sport, all ideas are welcome! These can run at any time throughout the week.

Talks, lectures and debates – are you passionate about a topic and want to share and discuss it with other students and staff? Why not put on an event? These can run at any time throughout the week.

Internationalising the curriculum – if you’re NTU academic staff, then this is the perfect opportunity to bring a global theme to your subject. You can bring in a global element to the module, use global case studies, or look at the subject in a global context.

Language events – Languages are a big part of culture, and thus an important part of Global Week. We are looking to run language themed events throughout the week. These could be a Language Café style event where you can practise languages with other students, a taster of a specific language, calligraphy / typology, language bingo or other games. You can integrate these into a cultural stall, or run a separate event – the world is your oyster!

These are just some examples of what has previously happened at Global Week, but any ideas are welcome.

If you’re an NTU undergraduate student, your involvement will go on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). It is a fantastic opportunity to develop your CV.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Just get in touch and we will give you advice and support. In most cases, you may also be entitled to some funding to help you run your stall or event! So don’t wait, email us at for more information on what to do next.