Cultural Stalls Fairs

The Cultural Stalls Fairs at our City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses are the hubs of Global Week. They’re open every day, from 11 am — 3 pm.

The fairs will consist of cultural and country stalls, societies, clubs, NTU departments, and external exhibitors. You’ll have the chance to find out interesting information, take part in interactive activities, try delicious foods from around the world, play games, test your knowledge in quizzes, and much, much more.

We’ll be showcasing a different region daily. If you visit the event every day, you’ll have the chance to travel the whole world in five days, right here at NTU!

The regional themes are as follows (but don’t forget to check out the full schedule, as some themed events run across the week):

  • Monday – Asia and the Pacific
  • Tuesday – Africa
  • Wednesday – the UK and Europe
  • Thursday – the Middle East
  • Friday – the Americas and the Caribbean

Find out more about the different cultural stalls at Global Week.

You’ll be asked to give your student number when you visit the fair. You’ll then be entered into a competition to win some amazing prizes, including £200 worth of travel vouchers (watch this space, as we’ll be adding more information soon). You’ll get a sticker once you register — so if you want to explore the events and activities more than once in a day, just show us that sticker, and we’ll know that you’ve already registered.

Don’t forget, if you visit the event every day, you’ll have five times more chance of winning the prize. It doesn’t matter which campus you visit, so it might even be an opportunity to explore the rest of the University!