Learn Bollywood dance moves with Priya Modi!


Priya is a Frindian born dancer who now lives in the UK, she’s trained in Ballet, Jazz and Latino. Dancing has always been her passion since she was 2 years old. She has delivered classes for adults and children and performed at shows in Nottingham and in France. She has also featured in two Bollywood movies so far: Namaste England and upcoming movie Aadat.


Priya believes that dancing lets her express her feelings, by communicating and passing on a message. She has always been inspired by great dancers and choreographers so she hopes to be an inspiration for others too one day.


There’s no need to book, just turn up!

Event Schedule

  • Date and time

    Monday 25 February 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM

    Venue and time

    Old Chemistry Theatre, Newton / Arkwright, City Campus

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